Handcrafted ceramics with Nordic touch


Seeds love to be sprouted in these handmade sprouting pots.

The Sprouting pot is a sprouting dish made from self gathered natural clay that seeds love. Clay is a good material for sprouting as it absorbs water and ventilates. I wished to develop a product for the clay that I collected which would combine earthyness, local materials and sustainable development. The pot is also a beautiful artifact to be placed on a table so it does not need to hidden in a cupboard.


Tableware products are made of high fired stoneware clay, with food-safe glazes and they are dishwasher safe. The products are handcrafted in small batches, with each item having its own unique handprint. The dishes are mainly wheelthrown.

I also make dishes to order. I have made the dishes for example restaurant Kielo in Joensuu.


Cozy home and interesting details brings aesthetical wellness to everyday life. I want to offer stylish, responsibly manufactured and well-thought-out products that are also good to use. Products made with high craftsmanship skills brings aestethical wellness to everyday living. There is no desire to buy a nature burdening stuff which is made far away.


Unique items made of wild, local and self gathered natural clay from the soil of North Karelia. This material gives the products a wonderfully rich character. When you have something made of local natural clay, you don’t just get handmade pottery; you get a piece of Finland too.

Finding, collecting and processing wild clay is all about enjoying each step of the process, the rich experience from start to finish. Local wild clay is always determined by the landscape and the materials found from soil. Using this wasteland will tell a story of the landscape through which it was born. In this way you can feel connected and inspired by the local nature. Working with self gathered natural clay is truly slow design and it takes much more time and patient than working with commercial clay.


Versatile handmade ceramic tiles which play with light. They work best as an effect in the interior and the tiles can be stacked in many different ways: in a row or in an organic formation. The size of the tile is 200x75x15 mm and per square meter fits about 100 pieces. Price 12 € / piece (incl. VAT 24%) and larger amounts according to the offer. The tiles are made to order and the delivery time is about 4 weeks / m2. Installation instructions are included.

​Design: Ville Lehvonen | Making: Kerafiikka


I also make products to order. So if you want dishes suitable for the interior of a new home, then ask for an offer: [email protected] Products usually have a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. You can also contact us if you want a larger batch of any product in the online store, changes in color or size, or items which are out of stock.

Please note that the products are handmade individually, so there is variation in appearance.